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Chun-Li's thick thighs and a mean high kick are just a few notable things about the female fighter. She was given the "Hottest Game Babe of " award and regularly ranks alongside Chun Li on "top babes in games" lists. Black girl toying pussy. I know, I bring up The Last of Us a lot. Chloe is tough, rugged, blatantly greedy, and overtly sexual. Video game girl ass. BayonettaBayonetta 2ButtcheeksWii U.

Popular Butts - last 7 days. If you recall, Steve was rather mesmerized himself in fruitlessly trying to keep his wandering eyes away from her assets, and when nearly caught pretended to spin his gun.

Juri originated from a suggestion to include a female Korean character in the Street Fighter franchise after the game became popular in Korea. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. She is not only super hot but has a compelling personality that exudes confidence, playfulness, and is super seductive. But somehow, despite all odds and contrary to our belief this blog has somehow managed to avoid the Google Ban Hammer.

She wandered the streets of Raccoon City, doing ridiculous puzzles, for ridiculous items, that in turn do some ridiculous things. Escort passport 8500 price. Maybe her sexy costume helps her kick so much ass? Rayne, otherwise known as agent Blood Rayne, is a character from the Blood Rayne series, developed by Majesco Entertainment.

She also has an even more revealing alternate costume with a mini-shirt that sports the word "Bonita" Portuguese for "beautiful [woman]". There's an in-universe explanation for this among some fans: After saving her in HF2: Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

Yes, an iconic mascot and classic platformers remastered. Developers reportedly went through ideas before settling on Juri. If you come to this site in a day or two to find that it has been deleted, you will know the reason why. Just like film and television, video games have their low points of objectification, but there are also plenty of strong, independent female characters that broaden the concept of being sexy to a realm just beyond the physical.

For the icing on the cake, her most famous quote is, "But admit it Miss Valentine makes frequent appearances on "hottest character" and "video game vixen" lists, including ones for Team Xbox, Machinima, Spike TV, and ranks as one of the top heroines of gaming.

Originally we had designed this blog to be a family friendly place as family friendly as you can be with content about video game backsidesbut it was a few years ago when Google stopped our ad revenue, citing reasons of adult content, that we decided to start a new blog completely dedicated to video game nudity. Even after her death in MK9it would be hard to imagine the game without Kitana. Vance is funny, smart, and…oh yeah, pretty hot, too! Lara Croft, the archaeologist with a knack for tomb raiding, has undergone many transformations since her introduction in Alyx Vance Half Life 2.

A member of the SOA, an elite task force whose sole aim is to stamp out the Umbrella virus, we first meet Jill Valentine in the Mansion incident of the first Resident Evil game who proves to be just as capable as fighting the undead as her buddy Chris. Today's post features a relatively new heroine in the video game industry, who for her second outing, is looking to be exclusive to Nintendo's Wii U platform.

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Cloud better hurry up and marry her before we do. The Soul Calibur series is one amazing set of fighting games that have been popular all over the world for years now. Rocco siffredi nude pics. She began working for Microsoft in the s and gained experience in the production and business of video game design.

Image via Game Art HQ. She's also made many appearances outside of her own game series, including other fighting games and anime series. Vance is funny, smart, and…oh yeah, pretty hot, too! Yes, an iconic mascot and classic platformers remastered.

Jill also kicked some major ass in Resident Evil 3. Video game girl ass. She was vice president of product development at 2K Marin for two years, and executive produced The Bureau: The Two Towersfor which she was the development director. In addition to being a very popular subject of cosplay, Delta Red's infamous commando ranks high on popularity polls among Street Fighter fans and media outlets. It was September 24, when we posted our th post.

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Aside from being a total badass, Jill has a "girl next door" charm that gamers find endearing. Milf with family. Giant Spacekat was founded in by Wu and Amanda Warner. She certainly deserves it — it takes real talent to make early 90s pixelated games sexy. While Harley has always been hot, she was radically re-imagined in Arkham Asylum game as much more sexualized and this has influenced the incarnation of the character ever since, including her scantily-clad depiction by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad. While our butt shot compilations are made to showcase all of the butt shots we have posted on our site over the years, rccrisp's butt shot image is designed more as a game to try to guess which butt belongs to which video game character.

Maybe her sexy costume helps her kick so much ass? It has been her task to spearhead the i team not only on Halo 4 and beyond but also to keep track of the spin-off comics, novels, and other material that make up the franchise. Chloe's confident, cocky personality is the perfect rival to Drake's and she usually has a witty retort ready for his jokes, unlike Elena, who sighs when Nate makes joke about the "view" when they're climbing. Abbas is the head of the art department at Wixel.

Lara has been consistently kicking ass for literally 20 years now, across 11 games. Sampat is a senior game designer at mobile game company Storm8 and creator of indie games in both digital and tabletop formats. Big erect tits. You can play along to the game if you'd like.

She climbed the ranks to become lead designer on the influential and award-winning RPG Wizardryand went on to work for Atari on the Dungeons and Dragons series. When you think of the Resident Evil series, you probably think of things like zombies, viruses, blood, gore, and the occasional jump scare. It was refreshing to have a badass character like Samus being portrayed by a girl, so the reveal was welcome. Thanks again for being our audience.

When it comes to the ripped gals of the Street Fighter series, one of the most popular is Cammy. While this list aims to show the breadth of occupations held by women in the gaming industry, and the depth of their contribution past and present, it is by no means exhaustive, and presented in no particular order:

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Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. Life or Power Plantsa post-apocalyptic tale of a year old botanist and a race car champion teaming up to fight mutant plants. Sunny leone hot lesbian kiss. Video game girl ass. Frequently portrayed as an antagonist or neutral character, it can be difficult to appreciate Ivy's villainy due to her attractiveness. Fhm nude pics Meet the surprisingly awesome protagonist of the gory slasher game, Lollipop Chainsaw.

In other words, you can agree or disagree with Sarkeesian's assessment of video game butts, but the overall point -- that men and women are not made equal in this incredibly profitable realm of media -- can't and shouldn't be ignored.

She was the object of jealousy for Elena Fisher when she turned up with Nathan Drake and much of Nate's butt-related humor is focused on her. I mean, they made a couple of volleyball games with the female characters of the series that definitely didn't focus on a solid theme or great story although the gameplay was actually pretty deep…or so I have been toldbut rather the other…assets that the series is known for.

But always with good reason. The blue femme fatale has already been associated with the big butt craze, and her cool demeanor and impressive gameplay would make anyone sit up and take notice.

With her shamelessly unzipped leather catsuit and husky voice work by Grey DeLisle, she makes all of Gotham take notice when she bends, prowls, and pounces. Sarkeesian criticizes former "Tomb Raider" games, but newer entries de-emphasize hero Lara Croft's butt and put her in marginally more realistic clothing.

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